Brut Wine & Tours is a Travel & Hospitality Award Winner for 2024

The Travel & Hospitality Awards is delighted to announce that Brut Wine & Tours has been honored in the prestigious 2024 European Awards program. This recognition exemplifies Brut Wine & Tours’s unwavering commitment to excellence and exceptional service in the travel and hospitality industry.

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Discover brut

~ brut ] is here for you! We offer a surprising and strong range of wines, oils, grappa, portos, champagnes (and juices) with a character and a story, at a fair price. We bring you Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and French beauty. In recent years, the emerging local wineindustry is catching our attention, and since 2017, we organise winetours in the region. Ranging from monumental Burgundies, Bordeaux’, Brunello’s, Ports and Barolos to delicious discoveries from lesser-known appellations.

~ brut ] was founded in 2004,  distributing wine, liqueurs, and catering services.  In recent Brut is also the continuation of the generation-long Vangertruijden tradition of manufacturing and trading wines and distillates, with wine trading being a major activity for the family until the mid-1980s. As for Brut itself, its genesis is clichédly beautiful: wine becomes hobby, hobby becomes passion and passion becomes profession. Because we believe you will find better and more surprising wine for the same money at Brut.

Bottles always open


  • Pietershof Pinot Blanc
  • Moscatel Graudo
  • Altkirch
  • Soalheiro
  • Juan De Juanes 2014
  • Tasmorcan


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