Brut Terroir Winetours

Brut terroir wine tour est. 2017

Ca 3,5-4h

Wine tour & e-wheels

  • €70 pp all-in
  • Kids 50% reduction
  • €43 pp own bike
  • Rent a bike?See prices
  • Vineyards, domains & winecastles in Riemst, Bilzen and more
  • Extensive tasting of local wines and products.
  • Wine guide(Fr,Nl,En)+ self-guided
  • visit winery included.
  • Also water & non-alcohol offer
  • Option: lunch with local products +€25
  • Departure Brut Wines & Tours Riemsterweg 135A, 3742 Bilzen

Ca 3,5 -4h

Team & e-wheels

  • €70 pp all-in
  • €43 pp own bike.
  • Rent a bike? See prices
  • Visit wineries, vineyards and castles. As from 18 people!
  • Extensive tasting of local wines &products.
  • Wine guide(Fr,Nl,En)+self-guided
  • Option: lunch with local products +€25 More catering options:
  • Departure Brut fine wines, Riemsterweg 135A, 3742 Bilzen
  • Bad weather guarantee: adapted transportation options


Wine tour Sint-Pieter

  • As from 10 people-Fr,Nl,En
  • €70 pp e-step
  • €43pp/ walk/own bike
  • Rent a bike?Check prices
  • Visit vineyards, wineries and castles in Maastricht, Riemst and more!
  • Extensive tasting
  • Local wines and -products
  • Water included.Non-alcohol options available
  • Option: lunch with local products +€25. Other catering options?
  • Departure: close to ENCI

Ca 3h

Night tour e-wheels

  • €43 pp all -in
  • Beauty of Hesbaye/Haspengouw
  • Tasting + sunsettour
  • ‘Highest’ viewpoint of Limburg!
  • No minimum number of participants!
  • Visit vineyards with a wineguide (Fr,Nl,En)
  • Visit on saturday from 4.30 p.m till 07.30 p.m.
  • Departure: Brut fine wines, Riemsterweg 135A 3742 Bilzen.
  • Other moment + group? Mail:
  • Bad weather guarantee: adapted transportation options
Brut Fine Wines, Riemsterweg 135A, unless stated otherwise
Where to park?
Across the winestore (nr138) there are some parkingspots. Other large parkings close by.
Standard wine tour- approximately 3 hours including the tasting of 6 local wines and regional products. Non-alcoholic option also available! (and possibility to purchase)
During opening hours
Please don't park in front of the store. Thank you 🙂
Yes, we have a mini bus! It can be arranged.
Authentic experience / regional wines and products / landscapes of Limburg / local culture.
Brut Terroir Winetours says: the choice is yours! How do you prefer to explore the region? DINNER A barbecue as a closing (+11 pers) ? A lunch with local products (€25)? We can take care of it! Email us.
A BBQ to finish? A lunch of local produce? Can be arranged! Mail us.
Alcohol-free Brut Terroir pack available ! Local juices, de-alcoholized wines,... please let us know when you make your reservation!
Bad weather
Guarantee ! For group reservations, if necessary -> other modes of transport! -> Same pleasure, less sunburn!
Team-building from A to Z! With accommodation, private chef, kayak, mountain bike or adventure tour in a unique location very nearby Maastricht.
Make it happen!
Got an even a better idea? Feel free to send us an email and we will discuss the possibilities.


Hiking, cycling or wine trip*

We offer you a unique experience with our rides, walks, or wine tours. At Brut Terroir Winetours, we invite you to discover the wines of Limburg with us! Terroir is of course a French term! In viticulture, this encompasses the (pre)existing history, the basic elements, in short, the context.

You taste a wine and you fall in love with it. That’s wonderful ! At Brut Terroir Winetours, you taste the wine on site, with your feet in the mud or in the dust, often in the presence of the winemaker. Discover the Limburg region and all it has to offer – with all your senses! You can be critical – the quality is impressive.

The Haspengouw region has a rich tradition and potential for growing fruit and wine. The “streets of the vines” in our villages bear witness to history, while the new bottles are surprising and diverse.

Brut Terroir Winetours shows the new chapter. And lets read between the lines – you are with us. We visit major players such as Genoelselderen, but also micro-producers, young winegrowers. Those about whom you will say later: “I have known this wine from before it was on the market”.

The essence: a good time with friends or colleagues in a region that you discover at its most beautiful and delicious. Active discovery, tasting, laughter. Under the sun. Or in the rain – a very different but equally fascinating experience.

Brut Terroir Winetours – the context. Understand and experience this region. Come with us and let’s toast! Curious to know more?

Brut Terroir - the Why.

Brut Terroir has been pioneering since 2017 in wine and regional tourism in Limburg. Why ? Because we are passionate about wine and our region, and we believe 100% in the quality and potential of what grows here and the passion that stems from it. For Brut Wijnhandel, we have been traveling since 2005 to European AOCs in Spain, Italy, … and in 2017 also to Australia and New Zealand. Enchanting vineyards, passionate winegrowers, magnificent landscapes. And these three elements, well, we also have them in the region of Haspengouw and Mergelland. Viticulture here is already much more advanced than “emerging”, with more and more second and third generation companies, and young local winemakers training in “classic” wine countries. Come with us for a tour of our viticulture, an interrupted tradition!

What was missing here was the “glue”, the “bond” between them – and that is Brut Terroir. The terroir gives the context, the background and allows you to taste the region – with all your senses. The COVID-19 pandemic has stalled our breakthrough, but it has also boosted all authentic regional products. In 2022, we won the Business Tourism Award from Visit Limburg with a spin-off, a great recognition of our long-standing work, but also of Limburg’s viticulture!

2023: return to 100% Brut Terroir – for you, for Limburg viticulture and regional products! And because we have a lot of fun here, of course 😉


With the electric scooters from ZOEF you can discover Haspengouw in a hip and eco-friendly way.


Opening hours

16.00 - 19.00
11.00 - 18.00
Every day
On appointment




Contact details

Riemsterweg 135A – 3742 Martenslinde
+32 (0)496 55 24 70



Understand and experience this region

Clink, and come with us!

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